Sunday 9 November 2014

Is it a Dress Code..or is it shaming Women?

I've recently redesigned my blog because I've decided that I would like to make my posts more varied. Fashion will still continue to be the main theme of my blog but I  will hopefully be writing about other things that interest me as well.
Feminism has been a huge focus in the media at the moment and from an early age, girls are encouraged to consider their place in society. Emma Watson's speech promoting gender equality that was delivered to the UN last month has racked up a total of over 5 million views on youtube and social media is bringing to light questions about equality that we have never before considered.
I am particularly interested in the fact that many young girls have started to find Dress Codes insulting and sexist. They argue that women should not be ashamed of their bodies and should not be humiliated and forced to cover themselves up because they are perceived as desirable objects. A group of schoolgirls in New Jersey have launched the social media campaign 'I am more than a distraction' to try and combat this issue and they are not alone in their views. All over the world students have been speaking out against rules regarding strappy tops, short skirts and stomachs showing. Even if you do not agree with these principals, the determination of the teenagers involved is admirable.


My first reaction to this argument was that I could  still see the need for a dress code because there has to be some boundaries even though the current ones may be a little extreme. However that led me to consider why we feel the need to cover ourselves up in the first place. Why are we told that our body is something that should be hidden? The answer is that society has lead us believe this and it is difficult for us to now say otherwise without being scorned or shamed by others.
I think the main principal that needs to be considered is 'Does the dress code apply to girls only?' and if this is the case, it should be modified. In reality, dress codes are not put in place to offend, humiliate or favor any one of the sexes, they are put in place to uphold society's view of dignity.

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