Thursday 22 May 2014

What would Tumblr Say?

Hey everyone! I've been busy with exams at the moment but I always manage to squeeze in a few extra hours for Tumblr, blogging and Instagramming (Is that a word??).
Anyway, I would say that about 90% of my fashion inspiration comes from social media sites like Tumblr despite the fact that everyone seems to be permanently living in Summer! However the Tumblr and Instagram famous have been starting to put their own spin on trends with some amazing results so I've decided to make a little list of my favourite new looks.

Tumblr says...

1. Space buns are not only for the sci-fi geeks. (Miley Cyrus probably had some input here)


2. Bindis are cool. If we were ever in doubt then we were definitely convinced by Coachella.

3. Knee socks are essential, if they have cats on them even better.


4. Winged eyeliner is the key to success (Yeah I know the blinking eye gets annoying after a while)


5. Chokers are coming back into fashion with the help of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner choker

6. Like I said, I think everyone on Tumblr permanently lives in Summer so shorts are a must have

7. If you're going to dye your hair then you might as well dye it an obscure colour

Chloe Nørgaard by Lara Jade

8. And finally circular sunglasses are an essential at festivals so go get yourself some!