Monday, 29 July 2013

My Summer Bucket List

I was on someones blog the other day and they had written a list of achievements that they were hoping to complete over the summer (kind of like a bucket list). I thought that it sounded like a really cool idea so here it is...

1.Get a new phone case
2.Make milkshakes
3.Go to the zoo
4.Get Instagram
5.Learn how to cook 
6.Watch loads of old films
7. Go to a water park
8.Get a tan
9.Learn how to curl my hair with straighteners
10. Finish decorating my wall
11.Watch sunset (preferably on a beach)
12. Organize my files and books
13. Tie Dye a pair of shorts or a T-shirt
14. Make Oreo cupcakes
15.Meet a celeb
16. Get a summer job
17. Make an amazing sand castle
18. Get a better camera
19.Have a paint fight
20. Send a message in a bottle
21. Get fit
22.Have a picnic
23. Rope swing into water (I've watched the Notebook too much)
24. Bake a rainbow cake
25. Cut my hair to shoulder length (maybe)


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  3. Amazing :)
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  4. Wow! very very fantastic ;)

  5. Haha, glad I inspired you with the the post :-) Emily oxo

  6. Love it here :) My favorite are 9, 15 and 21 :)
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    1. Thanks so much x And yes, they are serious priorities ;)

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  8. Good luck. The list is doable. I always wanted a classic Louboutins and now I have one pair. I bet you will get them one day! Good luck again and make sure to dream, cos dreams and wishes will come true some day

    If you fancy we can follow each other via GFC, bloglovin, google+ and if you have facebook page we can give each other like on it. Please let me know

    Kisses from Dublin

    1. That's really nice, thanks so much x And lucky you having Louboutins, I might have to start saving as well as dreaming! haha :)

      P.S I would love to follow each other!

    2. Thx for following. I followed back. With the Louboutins I got them this year for my 30th birthday. My hubby got them for me:-)


  9. I really want a new phone case too, mine is plain black and boring! My niece is going to make me Oreo cupcakes too, yay! :)
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

    1. My case is falling apart at the moment so I definitely need a new one! If you have an iPhone Urban Outfitters do some really cool ones xx
      I have never had Oreo cupcakes but they look AMAZING :)